A Novel Sorting Technique

Okay yes Tony H's might be formally proven to be correct, but mine has like a million ampersands

I have devised an entirely new method of sorting numbers. Quicker1 than quicksort, more EFFERVESCENT than bubblesort, I present to you:

Vim Macro Sort

Vim Macro Sort uses NO Vimscript, NO chicanery with control characters, and it NEVER leaves normal mode. It’s just a plain old ASCII text file with a bunch of editing commands in it.

Try It Out!

Start using this new sort macro TODAY!

Download macrosort.txt, open with the command: vim --clean macrosort.txt and GET SORTING.

If you liked this, why not check out my implementation of Conway’s Game of Life as a Vim macro, or some of my other macro-based creations.

See it, say it, sort it.

  1. …to implement. For me. In the form of a Vim macro. ↩︎