My Plugins

My GitHub is littered with plugins that I’ve almost finished. But only a SELECT few meet the EXACTING requirements demanded for them to hit version 1.0.1


Vim You, Autocorrect!

I’m going to come clean. Vim You, Autocorrect! was supposed to be funny. I thought it was self-evidently a bad idea: my main goal in creating it was to be able to make this trailer:

An animation of someone using the Vim You, Autocorrect! plugin. As text is entered, various corrections are made. e.g.: tpying is replaced by typing, speeling by spelling, and cockamamie is replaced by cock Amalie.

Vim You, Autocorrect! trailer

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But a lot of people didn’t get the joke. And some of them even started using it!

So I spent ages adding new features and handling edge cases. And now I think it might actually be useful?

Probably the only way for you to be sure is to install it and try it out for yourself, so you’d best do that. Hop to it!

Resize Mode

I found Vim’s window resizing mechanisms UNWIELDY, and decided to STREAMLINE them. The great thing about Resize Mode is that it’s excessively unobtrusive. There are no new commands to learn and no configuration is required. But if you happen to forget it’s there, Vim will work as it always has.

After I released it, KILLJOYS pointed out that it would be easy — nay — TRIVIAL to implement it using the very good plugin, submode. But I don’t have that installed, and adding it to my config for this sole purpose seems heavy handed. Resize Mode is a lean, mean, resizing machine!

Rainbow Trails

Swap your BORING regular cursor for a UNICORN that scatters RAINBOW dust wherever it gallops.2

An animation of someone using the Rainbow Trails plugin. As the cursor moves around the buffer, the cursor leaves ephemeral rainbow trails behind it, which animate as they fade.

Rainbow Trails trailer

  1. Great artists ship. So either I’m not an artist or maybe I’m merely a really good one? ↩︎

  2. Unicorn not included. ↩︎